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How to cope when overwhelmed

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

What have been your normal go to's for coping with feelings of being overwhelmed?

For some it is staying in bed, being alone, and eating. All of these behaviors can feel soothing, but ultimately they are deceiving. They are keeping you isolated and alone. Those behaviors are giving you the sense that you are alone and have no one in your corner. So what can you do when you are feeling overwhelmed?

1. Reach out to friends. They may be able to help you process what is going on. You may also find that they have felt the same way.

2. Go for a walk. Sometimes when we are feeling anxious our body goes into overdrive. Exercise can help alleviate some of those symptoms.

3. Meditate. Doing deep breathing exercises and meditation can be helpful in bringing those feelings in control. Do a deep breathing or meditation exercise for at least 5 minutes to get the most out of it.

4. Prioritize and strategize. Put a list together of what needs to get done right away and can wait. That may help you see what can be put off until later.

5. Call your therapist for an appointment. Sometimes we just need help in sorting things through. Your therapist should be able to help you work through what is stressful.

These are just a few suggestions on how to deal with feelings of being overwhelmed. Some may work better for you than others and that is alright. Just know you are not alone and do not have to go through it alone.

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