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Dodi Forgione


The world can be a scary place. Things can happen to us where the scars are not visible to the world. These scars can show up as depression, anxiety, anger, and even thoughts of suicide.


In our sessions together, we will work together to find relief from these scars. I want to provide a safe space where you can tell your story and be heard.

My therapeutic style is family of origin, client-centered and trauma-focused. I am specialized to work with trauma, depression, anxiety, and feelings of intense anger. I incorporate Emotion Focus Therapy (EFT), Attachment, and IFS (Internal Family Systems). For trauma, I use either EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) or Lifespan Integration.

When things happen to us our bodies hold residual memories of those events. We may forget about it, believe we have moved on, but may be triggered by something and it takes us right back to that event. You do not have to work through that alone.

My rate for an individual session is $100, however, do not allow finances to be a barrier to your mental health. I am willing to negotiate a reduced rate if needed.

As of January 1, 2022 if you are either a new client or existing client you will receive a Good Faith Estimate for services rendered at Healing Through Grace Counseling. This estimate is just that, an estimate. You will be asked to sign the Estimate and it will be kept in your file for the year. Each year we will update the estimate and the other privacy and policy agreements.

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